Messenger Outlook 2010 FAQ

Microsoft© Outlook® Messaging Service FAQ

Getting Started

Where's the User Guide?
The Messenger Outlook 2007 / 2010 User Guide can be found here.


I’m having issues getting this to work with Sharepoint
The most common issues with getting Outlook Mobile Service to work in Sharepoint are importing a root certificate and creating a trusted root authority. These are covered by Microsoft here.
Where can I download the root certificates?
We use digicert for our Outlook Mobile Service, you can download the root certificates at In addition please download “DigiCert High Assurance CA-3” certificate from the same URL under intermediate certificates.


I don’t see the text message option in the New menu
Select New and see if a drop down has appeared under the Send button. Configuration depends on your Microsoft Outlook version and setup.

  • You will need to check you are correctly configured for Outlook Mobile Service.
  • If the service has been configured correctly and you still can’t see the text message option in the New menu, Mobile Service may have been disabled through a system policy.
  • You will need to check that the Outlook Mobile Service is an active add-in in the Outlook Trust Centre. In Outlook, go to the Tools menu and select Trust Centre. Then select Add-ins and make sure that Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service is in the Active Application list. If it’s not there, click Go button to manage your COM Add-ins and activate it.
There is no body in the reply messages I’m receiving
This is likely to be caused by anti-virus software, especially if it is running an Outlook/Exchange plugin or similar. Disabling the plugin should resolve this. Currently, this is a known issue with Avast and AVG software.
I send a multipart message from Outlook, but the recipient only gets the first part
This is most likely caused by a setting in Messenger not being set correctly. Login and change the “Message Length” setting to 3 parts under the “Settings | Preferences” menu on the left hand side of the page.
I have closed my account but I'm getting error message from OMS
If you have set up Outlook to use the Mobile Service to forward calendar alerts etc. to mobile as SMS, Outlook will generate an error as you no longer have an active account. To resolve this, ensure that you also remove the service from your Outlook client.
My text messages won't send or aren't received
  • Make sure the recipient’s mobile number is entered in International Format. You may need to update your contact details accordingly.
  • Ensure your credentials and the Outlook Mobile Service address are entered correctly.
  • Make sure you are specifying a new text message, not a new email. Clicking the New button will create a new email by default. You need to specify a new text message. More helpful information may be found here