Trouble Shooting

This section should be used to narrow down the reasons for any issues that may occur with the service. If these steps do not assist you in resolving your issue please do contact Support and we'll try to help you out.

Email2SMS: Bounced Emails

Messages may be 'Bounced' back to the sender for a number of reasons. Contact your email service provider if your messages start to be 'bounced'.

  • System Limits have been reached. This setting is for the entire (web and email) system for your Company. The limits may be for the number of messages per day or per hour.
  • The email to SMS feature has been disabled for the Company.
  • SMS via email functionality is not enabled for the specific login.
  • Incorrect details stored in the online Address Book. Login and confirm the phone number is correct for the Alias you are using.
  • Messages to phone numbers are bounced. Your Security settings may not allow you to send SMS to phone numbers, the recipient will need to be configured in your online Address Book.
  • Network Limitations. Some networks cannot receive SMS messages from the system. Changes to these Network limitations will occur over time.
  • Replying to a Group Email, from your email client, (Reply To All) that included some email to SMS recipients in the To or CC fields. This will send an Email to the system, which will try and assign it to your account so it can use the Alias or Phone number. If this Alias match fails the message will get bounced.

Duplicate Aliases

It is possible that the same alias is used by two Accounts for different people. This could mean that the incorrect person receives the Reply To All email.

Email2SMS: Messages Not Received

  • The service follows RFC-2822 ( guidelines for message format. Messages that do not conform to RFC-2822 may not be processed or may be processed incorrectly.
  • If the message status in the web message log is RECEIVED, check that the correct phone number is stored in the online address book for the Alias that was used.
  • IP Authentication failed. You may be sending your email from an IP address that has not been authenticated by your Administrator. For information on a specific IP visit This site will tell you detailed technical information on IP's, domains and email addresses.
  • Sender Email Address is not configured to use the system. Check with your Administrator that your address is assigned to an account and that SMS by email is enabled for BOTH the Company and the Account.
  • If a sender account is unable to send SMS via email, check that email they are sending has the correct 'return-path' in the Internet headers. In MS Outlook the headers can be found by opening the email message, and selecting view, options from the menu bar. The return-path is shown in the first line of the Internet headers section.
  • Messages forwarded from email are not delivered to the phone. Most email systems do not alter the Internet headers of an email; therefore the 'return-path' of a message is the original message sender. Unless the original sender is also configured, the message will not be delivered.
  • Messages sent 'on behalf of' another user via MS Exchange or Lotus Notes do not get delivered. Even though the user being 'sent on behalf of' is configured, the return-path is going to be the actual senders address. It is important that the senders address is configured in the system.
  • Server alerts are not being delivered. Generally a server will use a default address when sending email. This address is generally one of the following formats, each address is invalid (does not meet Internet standards) and will need to be changed to an address that is configured in the system.
    • user@localhost.localdomain
    • server@domain.local
  • Server alerts from an Internet standard address are not delivered. Some servers use the address format of ''. Whilst this is valid, it will need to be setup in the system before messages can be delivered. Each sub domain (in this case '' needs to be configured separately. If it is not possible to reply to the required verification email from the server address, Level 1 System Administrators (CSR1) can set the address to verified. If you need this to be done please contact Support
  • Some message delays may be experienced due to Network loading.
  • The original message may be delayed on an email server (ISP or corporate).

Time Sensitivity

This service should not be relied on to deliver important or time sensitive information. This is due to the limitations of email routing and delivery systems as well as the architecture of SMS message delivery.

Email2SMS: Replies to emailed SMS messages are not sent back to the correct Address

  • Check your Email settings for the Sender Email address. Generally, it is this sender address that translates to the 'return-path' Internet header that the system uses to sends replies to.
  • Each Email System will have a different way of configuring the Sender address. If you need assistance, contact your I.T Manager.
  • If the (mobile) user has stored the number of a message they received from the system on their handset, this may no longer be correctly routed. We use patented technology that utilises temporary reply paths for sending messages and routing replies. They do expire and may route to different accounts at that time.

Email2SMS: Incomplete Message sent to Recipients

  • By default SMS messages are limited to 160 characters. Email2SMS takes the Email Subject Line and appends as much of the Email Message as it can, up to 160 characters. 160 characters is about the length of the following paragraph:

It's important 2 note that the length of the subject line determines the amount of message sent to the phone. Try 2 Limit spaces & abbreviate or the message wi

As you can see from the example, it is easy to start a SMS email and run out of space before the main point of the email is made. You can change your Messenger Settings so that up to 459 characters are sent (for ASCII/ Latin messages) or 201 characters if the message contains any non-ASCII characters such as special characters, Chinese or Arabic words, etc.

Forgotten Password

If you cannot login, try resetting your password:

  • Navigate to the Messenger login page.
  • Click on the "Forgot password?" link
  • Enter your Username into the Username field then click the "Reset password" button.
  • Next, check your email and click the Reset Password link
  • Finally enter a new password, confirm the password, then click the "Reset Password" button.
  • That's it, just login to Messenger using your Username and your new password.

Shortcodes: Why a message might not be delivered

Below are some possible scenarios that can prevent the delivery of messages sent from short codes:

  • By default, some mobile service providers in North America will block message deliveries initiated from short codes by default. In such cases, the recipients (i.e. the handset owners) would require to contact their mobile service provider directly to unlock such blockages.
  • Mobile numbers that have been ported from one network to another may also experience non-delivery of short codes messages. In such cases, the previous mobile service provider will reply "STOP ALL" to the sender of all the short codes messages to prevent further deliveries. In such cases, the recipients (i.e. the handset owners) would require to contact their current and/or their previous mobile service providers directly to unlock such blockages.
  • Short code messages cannot be delivered to recipients using Virtual Numbers, as the senders will be unable to bill the Virtual Number's holder properly. It is recommended that the recipients to not use Virtual Numbers in such cases.
  • If a recipient of the short code messages has previously replied to a sender with any of the following (case insensitive) keywords, then the deliveries of any future short code messages from that sender will be halted. The recipient will require to contact the sender to resume the deliveries.
    • stop
    • cancel
    • end
    • quit
    • unsubscribe