Group Opt-In

Group Opt-In allows a Virtual Number or Short Code and an Opt-in Keyword to be set on a Group. This means if any Contact sends an SMS with your selected Opt-In Keyword to your Group's Virtual Number or Short Code, Bulletin will automatically add the contact to the Group. This allows Contacts to add themselves to your Groups without any action required.

Admins can also define an Opt-In Message that is sent to a contact who has opted in to a Group. We recommend including instructions on how to Opt-Out from the Group in this welcome text.

If Contacts decide for any reason they no longer wish to receive SMS messages from the Group they just need to send the Group keyword followed by STOP. For example if your Opt-in Keyword is 'MOVIE' to Opt-out Contacts just send 'MOVIE STOP' to the Virtual Number or Short Code.

If your company has a Company-level Stop word this will continue to remove the contact from ALL Company messages.

NOTE: Default STOP keywords are ‘STOP’ ‘CANCEL’, ‘QUIT’, ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’ or ‘END’.

How to Configure Opt-In:

  • Create a Group you want Contacts to be able to Opt-In to (eg: 'Movie News')
  • Create a Keyword ('Messages' Menu)
  • Choose a Keyword for your opt-in (MOVIE in the example below)
  • Choose the Group you want Contacts to be added to ('Movie News' in the example below)
  • Enter appropriate messages to send:
    • When they send 'MOVIE' to 4040
    • When they send 'MOVIE STOP' to 4040
    • When they send 'MOVIE HELP' to 4040

Once you have configured a keyword against a Group, you can quickly access it from the 'Group Keywords' tab when editing a Group

Want to get Group Opt-In setup? Have a chat to Sales about getting a Virtual Number or Short Code.